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Image by Alice Pasqual

Nintai Tea provides all the essential ingredients to make bubble tea at the comfort of your home. 

Everything is pre-measured, making the process stress-free with minimal cleaning.



Image by Klara Avsenik

Making bubble tea at home will  raise ingredient awareness allowing you to have control of what and how much you are consuming.

We guarantee high quality ingredients, making bubble tea a healthier alternative compared to bubble tea shops. 

This allows a consistent taste, every time.

Instead of driving miles to the closest shop, you could have bubble tea shipped to your front door, making it convenient to make on demand. 

With our membership program, members will have access to the Harmony Shop where they will be able to purchase merchandise at a 30% discount. Now bubble tea can finally be affordable.



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I’ve been a milk tea drinker my whole life and when I heard about Nintai’s boba kits, I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself, from the comfort of my own home. Not only was it easy to make, it was hands down, the best milk tea boba I’ve ever had! They make perfect gifts for my family and friends!



I really love the simplicity of Nintai Tea's boba kits. The variety they have only adds to the exceptional value you get from the kit with their multiple flavors. I can share this easily with friends and family from my own home. No lines clogged with people, no incorrect orders and no waiting. This is the greatest thing to happen to the boba industry.



I like to go out and have boba, but sometimes it's a hit or miss, or I'm just not in the mood to go out and make line. With this boba kit, you can get boba a la carte, anytime of the day. No excuse to say that you can't get boba because the shop is closed. Along with convenience, you know that you are getting fresh tea with your boba and great taste. 

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